The Art of Peace Project

Morijo is a small centre in Kirisia Division, Samburu District, Rift Valley Province. Morijo is situated to the northern part of Kenya. The people living in morijo belong mostly to Samburu, Turkana in Marti and the Pokot in Malaso area. All these ethnic communities are pastoralist and their only way of life is  dependent solely on the livestock and their livelihood depends on cattle’s. There was a cruel and intensive fight among these communities with thousands of victims in the last 30 years. Property worth millions (cattle, sheep, goats ect) died of gunfire’s and drought and have thus brought a lot of socio-economic disadvantages for all these communities. MIPPP feels the need to restore peace and harmony, an to reach out to them preach peace and reconciliation, organize peace workshops, seminars and youth retreats for all these rival communities. The organization is in partnership with all youth groups in the area, women group which will lead the project with their organization.